Design is Planning. Design is a synonym for Plan. A professional designer is not a "page decorator" but an information planner, trained to plan and execute your communications with your audience.

  • The saying "A camel is a horse designed by a committee" illustrates that everything has design, good or bad. Make yours good!
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Everything that exists has design. You see a terrible website and you say "it's not designed, it's just thrown together." Wrong. It doesn't matter if that plan/design was done sloppily while in the process of producing the object or communication, it cannot exist without a plan. Planned well or poorly, there's no such thing as "not designed."

Even a page of MS Word text is designed. Someone decided what the default font would be, someone else decided not to change it, and someone else (me) decided this is not a very good way for you to get noticed.

Hire a Professional Planner. Even if you have a well-conceived idea for your website or print communication, hiring a professional will yield better, sharper looking, clearer communications, leading to greater results for you.

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