Design is Credibility. Most of your audience doesn't care about design. They just want the information (product/service/price) they're seeking. Thing is, before they read a single word, they've already formed an opinion of you, based on what they see.

If that opinion is negative, you've probably lost them. Forever. If it's positive, your message will have much better odds of reaching them. It's your first and best chance to gain their trust.

Not Convinced? Consider the spammer. Spam is easy to spot, it's usually badly designed. If your organization's communications look more like the spam at lower left than the legitimate email (above left), it could be doing your corporate image more harm than good, even if it gets some responses (even spammers get responses, or they wouldn't keep spamming us!).

Think you can't afford a professional designer? Consider whether you can afford the lack of credibility you face by producing your marketing materials in-house and risking the "spammer look."

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