IT'S ABOUT YOUR CONTENT. Your site is not for you. No, really it's not. It's for your customers (clients, target audience, visitors, etc.) So why is it so important to have your name at the top of every page? Answer: it isn't...

Your visitors are seeking what you can do for them. If the most important thing you can offer is your name, you haven't much to give. What they want, presumably, is your content. Whether that's products, services, or the information itself, you have something important to offer your clients. More important than your logo constantly in front of them, getting in the way of them finding what they're really after.

That's why it occurred to me, I have Graphic and Web Design services to offer. Why should I not put that as high on the page as possible and "sign" the page with my identity at the bottom? From my clients' perspective, their needs are paramount. This site is one example of why I believe we can supply this need best. We will speak to your constituents' needs first.

This is similar to the age-old conflict between designers and clients: "Make our logo bigger!" That is not what your clients are seeking. You have more to offer them than "This is our NAME!" You have something of real value to offer. Let us help you present that to them in the clearest light.