Design is Communication. Your organization's website, signage and business card are not three different things. They are one thing. Communicating with your potential customers/clients/audience.

Communicate definition

Communicating visually. Do you speak to your clients in English, then switch to Mandarin with Russian mixed in? Of course not. Most of us use a single language. That's why you should not speak to some clients - say, website visitors - in one visual language and others - the person you give your business card - in another.

A different logo, even a little different, is a different language. A different color palette is a different language. Even a different type font is a different visual language. Of course your clients don't think about whether you used the same fonts on your website that you used on your capabilities brochure or catalog. They probably don't even notice it's the same business (yours). And that's the problem.

Speak to current & potential customers in the same language. Make sure they know the language is your style. If you use a different style of visuals on ANY of your communications, at least part of what you're spending is wasted.

think you have no budget to hire a professional designer who will make sure your organization's communications speak in a consistent voice? Think about how much you're wasting by speaking in several different voices.

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